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Acadisc logo is an informational website for Christian acappella, founded in 1999. It is the official lyrics site of The Acappella Company.

[edit] History

The Acadisc Webpage was started by Ken Pittman in January 1999 as solely what is now the album directory. In 2000, Ken began adding more information about albums by Acappella, including some lyrics. It was then that Tobin Williamson began corresponding for the site. At the end of 2001, Tobin was named Associate Editor of the site and took on a larger role. This allowed for the expansion of the site further and, on the three year anniversary of when it all began, the site moved from Clemson University's servers to At the same time, became the official lyrics page of The Acappella Company. In February 2002, Daniel Porceddu joined "The Acadisc Team" as an assistant editor and in May 2002, Steve Baggett, Laura (Frame) Badgett, and Tim Russell also became assistant editors. At the end of 2004, Tobin, Daniel, Laura, and Tim moved from their positions to mainly advisory roles and Steve took over as Associate Editor. The Acadisc Team then welcomed Maurice Massey as a new assistant editor. Our mission is to glorify God by promoting music about Him.[1]

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  1. The Acadisc Team
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