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Acquire A Cappella

Background information
Years active 2007–present
Composition Mixed
School University of California, Santa Cruz
Location Santa Cruz, CA
Organization Type Collegiate
Label A Cappella Records

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Acquire A Cappella is an a co-ed cappella group from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Formed in February 2007, they entertain audiences with a wide range of material arranged solely by members of the all-student group. Twice a week, singers come together to learn, arrange, and perform music that they love.


[edit] History

Acquire A Cappella was founded in 2007 by Chris Crawford. Since its inception, Acquire has established close relationships with many collegiate, adult, and professional singing groups, as well as other industry professionals and venue promoters. In 2008, they kicked off the new year with a performance at legendary jazz club Kuumbwa, where they opened for Grammy-nominated group Blame Sally. Acquire ended the school year by being featured as the only student group to perform at the inauguration of UCSC's chancellor, George Blumenthal. This performance was televised and viewed at all the campuses of the University of California.

Each year, Acquire hosts Acquirefest, UCSC's largest a cappella event. Acquirefest has featured a cappella groups from many major west coast universities and yielded over 600 people each year. In February of 2008, on the one-year anniversary of the group's creation, Acquire presented Disneymania, a full night of songs from classic Disney films sung a cappella. Acquire plans to continue the tradition of Acquirefest and create new traditions with even more exciting and unique concerts. 2009 saw Acquire releasing their YouTube hit "On A Boat" as an MP3 single and performing at Kuumbwa alongside a cappella legends The House Jacks.

[edit] Culture

Being a part of Acquire means being a part of a close, loving family of people who love to sing. Acquire's singers come from all backgrounds and musical experiences, and each is invited to share their unique insights by participating in Acquire's democratic voting process, which is applied to nearly all aspects of repertoire, show selection, and performances. There is a substantial time commitment put in by each member of the group, and the hard work is reflected in the amazing performances that Acquire has become so well known for. Acquire will undoubtedly have even more to share in the future as the group's reputation continues to grow.[1]

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