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The Alliance for A Cappella Initiatives (AACI) was an action-based non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of vocal music as an art form and cultural phenomenon. Founded by Dave Sperandio in the Spring of 2003, the AACI's first public actions were the creation of the SoJam and the acclaimed Sing series of vocal music compilations. Since that time, SoJam has grown from a small-scale, local a cappella competition into an international gathering of some of the community's greatest and most influential artists, producers, and performing groups. The Sing series has followed a similar direction, expanding from being a spotlight on a cappella music in the Southeast United States to a sampling of the world's best and most unique groups and sounds.

On January 30, 2009[1], the AACI announced its merge with The Contemporary A Cappella Society

The AACI was steered by a board of executives, comprised of 9 members whose charge is to uphold and progress the AACI vision. The members of the 2008 board were

There are a number of AACI members who aid in the creative, administrative, and planning processes for our primary endeavors, including dozens of volunteers who help us each year as we organize and plan the annual SoJam festival.

[edit] The A Cappella Endowment

The A Cappella Endowment was created in 2003 through a donation from the AACI's founder, Dave Sperandio. Through vehicles such as SoJam, Sing and The A Cappella Scholarship, the Endowment endeavors to support the ongoing growth of the contemporary vocal music movement via targeted initiatives.

The AACI is a non-profit organization, and donations from the public are very much appreciated. If you'd like to help, a link will be here soon.

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