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Emerald City Productions

Background information
Years active 2009–present
Location Springfield, VA
Website http://www.emeraldcitypro.com

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Emerald City Productions was founded by Danny Ozment in 2009. He's been involved with contemporary a cappella for 15 years since singing with The Madison Project and founding Exit 245 (a BOCA and Voices Only regular) at James Madison University where he earned a bachelors degree in voice and a masters degree in choral conducting and also spent time as a percussion major.

In 2011, he began working for the network television a cappella competition The Sing Off and has done production work for all incarnations of the show (USA, Holland, and France). Danny joined the CASA (the Contemporary A Cappella Society) board in 2011 and is a regular teacher and master clinician at CASA festivals.


[edit] Accolades

  • SING 9: Supernovem - Mixed "You Make Me Wanna" (BOSS 2012 Collaborative Recording)
  • Mixed for The Sing Off Reunion Special, The Sing Off France, and The Sing Off Holland
  • Multiple CARA award nominations

[edit] Notable Clients

[edit] Scholastic

  • Clover Hill High School
  • Catholic University Redline
  • Cedarville University's The Inversions
  • Dartmouth Aires
  • Emory Aural Pleasure
  • Flint Hill High School Major Minors
  • Georgetown GraceNotes
  • Georgetown Phantoms
  • Georgetown Saxatones
  • Georgetown Superfood
  • JMU BluesTones
  • JMU Exit 245
  • JMU Into Hymn
  • JMU Note-oriety
  • JMU Overtones
  • MIT Logarhythms
  • RIT Eight Beat Measure
  • UCONN Extreme Measures
  • University of Delaware Y-Chromes
  • Wake Forest Plead the Fifth
  • Wash. U. Greenleafs
  • Wash. U. Mosaic Whispers
  • William and Mary Intonations
  • Yale Spizzwinks

[edit] Adult and Contemporary A Cappella League

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