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The International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella

The Five Regions of the ICCA
Background information
Years active 1996–present
Organization Type Collegiate

The International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) is a multi-tiered international collegiate-level a cappella competition that takes place each year in the United States and Western Europe. The championship is owned and sponsored by Varsity Vocals, and is the only international tournament that showcases the art of collegiate student a cappella.[1]


[edit] History and Structure

ICCA is currently in its 16th season (ICCA 2012), which takes place from January to April.[2]. In the U.S., the ICCA is competed over six Regions: ICCA West, ICCA Midwest, ICCA South, ICCA Mid-Atlantic, ICCA Great Lakes, and ICCA Northeast. Often, one or more international groups (such as the champion of Voice Festival UK) is also invited to compete in the finals.

In January, Varsity Vocals screens all applications and makes an initial selection of the competition. Although many who apply will make the tournament, in 2012 the number of applications from the Midwest region capped the competition and added an extra quarterfinal, each with 10 competitors. Although unconfirmed, it is believed that no more than 250 groups (50 from each region) will compete in the actual tournament.

In each region, four (or, in the Midwest, five) quarterfinal events are held, usually in the month of February. Competing groups from the region are spread throughout the quarterfinals as evenly as possible. From each quarterfinal, the first and second-ranked groups advance to the regional semifinal round.

At the regional semifinals, the top group advances to the final round as the representative of their region. The first and second runners-up are then eligible to submit a recorded video of their competition set to Varsity Vocals. Judges will score the videos with the same competition rubric, and the winning group will be crowned Wildcard Champion and compete in the final round.

The final round is typically coupled with the ICHSA Final round in a two-day event in late April. It will consist of the five regional champions, the wildcard champion, and any other international groups who have been invited by Varsity Vocals (usually after winning a championship of a similar structure in their home country). The group which places first in this competition is crown the ICCA Grand Champion and winner of the tournament.

The tournament currently has six regions: West, Midwest, South, Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and Europe.[3] Each region holds several quarterfinal events, typically four or five depending on popularity and demand. The top two groups at each quarterfinal advance to semifinals, with one being held in each region. The winner of each semifinal is invited to represent their region by participating in finals, held in The Town Hall in New York City for the first time in 2012. A final winner is chosen and crowned Grand Champion.[4]

Before 2004, judges simply decided on the placement of groups. Since 2005, the current point system was introduced. Groups can receive a maximum of 155 points from a judge, and typically three judges' scores are computed for a maximum of 465 points.

[edit] Past Tournament Champions

Below are the Grand Champions and 1st and 2nd Runners-up from each of the previous tournaments.[5]

Year Grand Champion Institution 1st Runner-Up Institution 2nd Runner-Up Institution
2016 Techtonics Imperial College London The Originals Carnegie Mellon University Faux Paz University of Maryland
2015 SoCal VoCals University of Southern California Voices in Your Head University of Chicago The G-men University of Michigan
2014 Pitch Slapped Berklee College of Music ScatterTones University of California, Los Angeles Vocal Point University of Delaware
2013 Nor'easters Northeastern University ScatterTones University of California, Los Angeles Chordials Cornell University
2012 SoCal VoCals University of Southern California ScatterTones University of California, Los Angeles All the King's Men King's College London
2011 Pitch Slapped[6] Berklee College of Music Vocal Point[7] Brigham Young University The Melodores[8] Vanderbilt University
2010 SoCal VoCals University of Southern California Pitch Slapped[9] Berklee College of Music The Accidentals[10] University of Georgia
2009 Fermata Nowhere[11] Mt. San Antonio College Out of the Blue Oxford University Beartones Missouri State University
2008 SoCal VoCals University of Southern California All-Night Yahtzee Florida State University N'Harmonics New York University
2007 Noteworthy [12] Brigham Young University Rocktavo University of Nebraska Zumbyes Amherst College
2006 Vocal Point [13] Brigham Young University Out of the Blue Oxford University Other Guys University of Illinois
2005 Dear Abbeys Boston University Divisi University of Oregon Midnight Ramblers University of Rochester
2004 OneVoice Millikin University Fermata Nowhere Mt. San Antonio College The Chordials Cornell University
2003 Binghamton Crosbys Binghamton University On the Rocks University of Oregon The Steiners University of Maine
2000 UC Men's Octet[16] University of California, Berkeley The Other Guys University of Illinois The Callbacks Harvard University
No National Champion
1998 UC Men's Octet University of California, Berkeley Straight No Chaser Indiana University NO INFORMATION NO INFORMATION
1997 The Talisman Stanford University No Strings Attached University of Illinois NO INFORMATION NO INFORMATION
1996 The Loreleis University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill The Duke's Men Yale University Other Guys University of Illinois

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