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Mike Mendyke, born February 16, is a vocalist and a founding member of The Vantastix and acaTunes.

An MIT graduate and former NASA engineer with degrees in aerospace engineering and music, Mike believes every vocal group should include at least one rocket scientist. After eight years in the defense industry, he left his day job and began recording albums and touring the US and Japan with vocal group Five O'Clock Shadow. Mike is a past board member and former treasurer for The Contemporary A Cappella Society. Now living with his family in Portland, Oregon, Mike runs an online marketing business, as well as music distribution services: Virtual Voices and acaTunes.com.[1]

[edit] Trivia

Mr. Van Dyke commented of Mike, that he

walked into my life from out of nowhere and turned my Golden Years into pure platinum." –Mr. Van Dyke[2]


[edit] References

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