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No U-Turn @ EMU

Background information
Years active 2003–2007
Composition Mixed
School Eastern Michigan University
Location Ypsilanti, MI
Organization Type Collegiate
Genre Rock/Pop


No U-Turn (formerly Descant) was a mixed contemporary a cappella group at Eastern Michigan University. Founded in Fall of 2003 by a former music director of the group Compulsive Lyres to stimulate an a cappella community at Eastern Michigan University, the group experienced some modest successes but eventually disbanded in 2007 shortly after all the core members had graduated or left the group.


[edit] History

There are not currently any publicly available sources for this section, but I'm working on developing them. (Anthogna 16:50, 10 August 2011 (PDT))

In the fall of 2003 a former Choral Conducting student at University of Michigan looking to establish himself as a contemporary a cappella clinician held auditions at nearby Eastern Michigan University to begin EMU's first collegiate a cappella group. After several rounds of auditions and departures, during which the group adopted the name "Descant," the core membership was finalized only three weeks before their first scheduled concert on February 7, 2004. The group followed up this initial success by embarking on its first Spring Break tour three weeks later (which among other things, led to the group's name change.)

[edit] Origin of Name Change

During their first fateful tour in 2004, the idea of re-naming the group first came up. Tired of answering questions as to what a descant was and the perplexed looks on people's faces after it had been explained, most group members thought that a name change would be positive. As fate would have it, the group discovered that despite the best wishes of their University of Maryland host group, an 18-passenger van can not make a U-Turn in the middle of a busy road (especially one with a very prominent "No U-Turn" sign.) Soon, the idea of renaming the group "No U-Turn" was proposed and was adopted after the Spring 2004 concert.

[edit] Awards/Recognition

Best Soloist: Hassan Perez for "When Doves Cry" and Nikki Davis for "Crazy Love", 2007 ICCA Midwest Quarterfinal #2.[1]

[edit] Core Membership

The core membership of No U-Turn consists of those members of Descant from the 2003-2004 academic year that established and maintained the overall organizational and musical culture of the group.

Name Voice Part Years Active
Allison Taylor (nee Amerman) Alto 2003-2007
Brent Chismark Baritenor/VP 2004, 2005-2006
Carla Angeloni Soprano 2004-2005
Chaz Cunningham Bass/Baritone 2004
Erin Jones Alto 2004
Janessa Janke (nee Cardillo) Soprano 2003-2004
Matt Garrison Bass/Baritone 2004
Mignon Fuller (nee Parker) Soprano 2004-2007
Nick Jacobs Baritenor 2003-2004
Nicole Burch Alto 2004
Stacey Mayo (nee Szczepanek) Mezzo 2004-2006

[edit] Additional Membership

Following are additional members throughout the group's lifecycle (list in progress.)

Name Voice Part Years Active
Anthony Ongaro Bass 2004-2005
Brandon Young Baritenor/VP 2004-2006
Derrick Weber Tenor 2005-2006
Don Corbin Tenor 2005-2006
Emilie Lewandowski Soprano 2005-2007
Hassan Perez Tenor 2006-2007
Julius Jenkins Bass/VP 2004-2006
Nikki Davis Alto 2005-2006
Sara Vaughan (nee Amerman) Soprano 2005-2007
Scott Longpre Baritenor 2004-2005
TC Anderson Bass 2005-2007

[edit] References

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