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Sin3g[1], formerly known as Sinnng, is an a cappella community founded in 2010 by Mark Torres for "Videos, News, and Commentary (including Sing Off)"[1]

[edit] History

Posted by pitchpipe on 08/25/2011

Since SINNNG was created, I've been fielding a lot of questions about why we need yet another site in the a cappella community. Instead of answering questions individually, here's the how and why around the birth of SINNNG.

While I was watching Sing Off season one my first thought, like many of you, was holy cow here's a singing competition show I can really get into. I'd avoided American Idol like the plague as the tweener popularity contest I saw it to be (probably an unfair assessment, and no offense to the participants who deserve the credit for the show's success).

Also like all of you, I love a cappella. My first group was in high school (if you can call four friends who harmonize for fun and then perform at their senior prom a "group"), but my obsession with a cappella took off in college. The Yale a cappella scene is a lot like the frat/sorority scene at other schools, meaning there are lots of groups, of all stripes and styles, and the group you join has a huge impact on your social circle.

(Note: if you are in college and considering joining a group, DO IT. There are some things you can never go back in time to do, and joining an a cappella group can change your life for the better).

Sadly, after college I stopped singing. Suddenly, all the things a young man has to find when they graduate (find a job/apartment/car/girlfriend/etc.) took over. Like a child puts a favorite toy aside when they grow up, a cappella grew dusty on the shelf.

Then Sing Off happened. My parents, friends, everyone that knew I'd done a cappella started calling me, leaving passionate voicemails, writing emails saying I absolutely HAVE to watch the show. One episode in, and I was hooked.

However, I had an immediate problem. I got so hooked on watching clips from the show, that YouTube quickly became my dearest friend and mortal enemy. I could find the clips I wanted, but searching and searching and searching was driving me bananas. So I thought, what if I had one place where I could find ALL the videos, neatly arranged for my viewing pleasure. But that wasn't enough. I also wanted as many clips as I could find of the groups from before the event. And I wanted one place to write about the show.

In other words, I wanted an all-acappella version of YouTube.

That's how SINNNG started.

The site now has over 200 videos from the Sing Off seasons one and two, Sing Off Holland (what? Yes, Holland. :) ) and all kinds of other stuff, including a clip of Sara Bareilles performing with SONOS.

So if you love a cappella and the Sing Off, please drop by: If you're in a group, feel free to add your group, upload a picture, list concert dates, even upload your videos and music.

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