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The Social Media and A Cappella Conference (SMACC), founded by Dave Longo, Rick Thomas, and Meg Alexander, was a three-day conference in 2011 that "fuses cutting edge media and contemporary vocal music."[1]

It hosts speakers from around the country who are building the foundations of a more connected world through their web based entrepreneurial endeavors. As society adapts to the digital revolution, it becomes ever more crucial for organizations and individuals to take advantage of emerging forms of communication. SMACC offers an opportunity to learn straight from the creators, how to best utilize these tools.

SMACC offers workshops led by individuals who are revolutionizing the constantly evolving, forward-moving genre of A Cappella. These pioneers are challenging the barriers of studio recording as well as live performance. They are pushing the boundaries of the human voice. Collegiate and professional performances enhance the conference by showcasing recent progress in the industry.

SMACC is a unique event that inspires students of all ages, professionals in all industries, and a population in which these two fields of social media and A Cappella are becoming ever more present.

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