The Rensselyrics

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The Rensselyrics
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The Rensselyrics

Background information
Years active 1873–present

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The Rensselyrics is the first of four collegiate a cappella groups at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

The Rensselyrics arrange the majority of their music and sing it at campus events, other colleges, and sometimes other public or private venues. It is an RPI Union funded club and hosts an invitational each semester, where other a cappella groups in the area are invited to perform with the Rensselyrics. The group has released three albums: Another One Way Street (2001), Radioactive (2008), and their EP Royal Purple (2014).

Auditions for the Rensselyrics are held in the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters at RPI. They have three 2-hour rehearsals each week.

The Rensselyrics competed for their first time in the ICCA in 2013. Then member and Musical Director, Mangesh Tamhankar, won an award for Best Arrangement.


[edit] History

The group originated from the RPI Glee Club, founded in 1873 and changing its name in 1991. The group was accompanied by musical director Ned Fleischer from 1994 until he passed in November 2011.

[edit] Members

The Rensselyrics generally has anywhere from 10 to 16 members each semester. The current (as of Spring 2017) members are as follows:

Sopranos: Emma Speaks, Julie Flanagan

Altos: Janey Hoefler, Evelyn-Grace Rugaber, April Rose

Tenors: Jonathan Gottwald, Jonathan Williams, Joseph Catalano, Sean Robie

Basses: August Rulewich, Anthony Segreto, Barret Soisson, Rob Archibald, Alex Maron

Vocal Percussion: Adrian Pangilinan

[edit] Discography

Another One Way Street, 2001 Radioactive, 2008[2] Royal Purple, 2014

[edit] Awards

The Rensselyrics competed for the first time in the 2013 ICCAs, where they won 4th place out of 9 in their respective quarterfinals. Mangesh Tamhankar, then member and musical director, also won the Best Arrangement award for his arrangement of Adele's "Someone Like You".

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