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A Cappella Boot Camp
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[edit] Program Description

Started in August of 2010, Acappella Boot Camp is a 5-day, highly intensive recording seminar. Set in the award-winning VOCOMOTION studio, Freddie Feldman and Dave Brown show their "recruits" how to plan an album project, choose a track list, pick out equipment, set up gear, manage projects efficiently, record amazing tracks, market their music, handle licensing, and much more. Along the way, recruits learn how to be in control of their music, save a boatload of cash, and have a good time while doing it.[1]

[edit] Alumni

Summer 2010: Brent Chismark, Kieran Daly, Shane Fuhrman, Patrick Schell. Project Song: "Break Me Out" opb The Rescues.

Summer 2011: Matt Caruso, Scott Chambliss, Nik Eden, Jeston Lewis, Jim McCann. Project Song: "Misery" opb Maroon 5.

[edit] Namesake

A video titled "A Capella Boot Camp" was produced to promote Pitch Perfect (2012 movie),featuring the 4-week training program cast members underwent with Deke Sharon.

The ID of the video at Youtube is kUZNxvxgsNE

[edit] References

  1. http://acabootcamp.com
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