Green Envy

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Green Envy
Green Envy Logo.png
Background information
Years active 1991–present
Composition Mixed
School Tulane University
Location New Orleans, LA
Organization Type Collegiate

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Green Envy is Tulane University's premier co-ed a cappella group.


[edit] Biography

As the first a cappella group founded at [[Tulane University|Tulane\\, Green Envy is Tulane's original and premiere a cappella group on campus. Currently comprised of 18 students from across the country and representing diverse aspects of life at Tulane, Green Envy is a completely student-run a cappella group that meets a few times a week simply for the love music.

The group alternates every other year between a tour somewhere around the country and recording a CD. In the 2010-2011 school year, they released their second professionally recorded CD, "Greenest Hits," now available on iTunes[Citation needed | add]! They also took a trip to Atlanta, GA, and spent the weekend with Georgia Tech's a cappella groups publicizing their CD.

The majority of their songs are arranged by their own members and come from a broad range of musical styles.

[edit] Members

  • Ani Carlson
  • Brian Silver
  • Caroline Campbell
  • Caroline Webster
  • Chase Treadaway
  • Clayton Thomas
  • Ethyn Samuels
  • Jake Sussman
  • Julien Hohenlightner
  • Meghan Lydon
  • Patrick Clark
  • Talia Lipkind
  • Carly Schindler
  • Adam Burstain
  • Lane Klossner
  • Micah Bernhard
  • George Henderson

[edit] Discography

[edit] Greenest Hits' (2011)

Green Envy - Greenest Hits (2011).jpg
  1. Use Somebody
  2. Dark Congregation
  3. In the Still of the Night
  4. Halo's Gone
  5. Foolish Games
  6. I'm Yours
  7. Goodbye Earl
  8. Hit 'Em Up Style
  9. Proud (Live)

[edit] Videos

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