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The International A Cappella Festival is an annual month-long event held in Singapore in October. The festival consists of a string of a cappella concerts, all produced by The A Cappella Society. Since its inception in 2008, the festival's concerts have featured performances of international and local vocal groups, and an average of 6 overseas groups are invited to perform yearly. Performing groups primarily come from Europe and East Asia. More information...

Below are lists of international and local groups which have performed/are performing at past/upcoming International A Cappella Festivals:

Group Name Country
Vocaldente Germany
Flexitones Malaysia
NANU Singapore
Key Elements Singapore
Group Name Country
Maytree South Korea
Tux Phillipines
Permanent Fish Japan
Rock 4 Netherlands
Group Name Country
A-Five South Korea
Vocaldente Germany
Fool Moon Hungary
Orange Hong Kong
Niniwe Germany
TAG Singapore
SMU Voix Singapore
ITE A Cappella Singapore
TAS Youth Voices Singapore
The Dotz Singapore
Suade Australia
Notella Singapore
Key Elements Singapore
Juz B Singapore
Klangbezirk Germany
Coffee on Sunday Singapore
Acappuccino Singapore
TAS Voices Singapore
Group Name Country
Freeplay Duo Canada
Green Onion Taiwan
FlexiTones Malaysia
Muttis Kinder Germany
The Real Group Sweden
Republic Polytechnic Rhapsody Singapore
Filipino Voice Symphony Singapore
VocaBlends Singapore
Suade Australia
Coffee on Sunday Singapore
Urban Harmony Singapore
Gay Singers Hong Kong
Vocado Sweden
Moment Singers Taiwan
2012 (Tentative)
Group Name Country
The Glue Switzerland
Singers Denmark
Sonic Suite Germany
Kongero Sweden
NANU Singapore

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