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On The Rox

On The Rox
Background information
Years active 2006–present
Composition All-Female
School Central Michigan University
Location Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Organization Type Collegiate

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On The Rox is Central Michigan University's first ever all female a cappella group. It was a vision that brewed in the minds of founder Nicole Borden, and several other passionate young women. Their mission was simple; change the world of a cappella. Collegiate a cappella is a competative place, that holds a stigma of being "dominated" by men.

With talent, spunk, and a passion for performing, the ladies of On The Rox are successfully getting their feet in the door, and pushing through with full force!

OTR has a musical repetiore that represents a variety of different genres ranging from: pop to country, oldies to classic rock, and 80s'. For the past three years, On The Rox has competed in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella. In 2007, On The Rox was one of only two other female groups competing.

[edit] Members

  • Nicole Bouman
  • Emily Cradit
  • Justine Easter
  • Kristen Hales
  • Katie Hillyard
  • Carly Molloseau
  • Emily Morgan
  • Sarah Nowak
  • and Seasen Pruett

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