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The A Cappella Society (TAS) is a registered non-profit charity organisation in Singapore (IPC000630) whose mission is to promote the appreciation, exploration, and performance of vocal music in Singapore, across all age, gender, religious, socio-economic, and educational boundaries, and to establish itself as the resource and training centre for vocal and a cappella music in Singapore. The organisation was founded in 2001.

TAS's activities include providing training for its singing group programmes, organising and producing its annual local and international a cappella events, and performing and conducting its school outreach programmes. It also provides professional a cappella training programmes, including the A Cappella Specialist Diploma course, which is jointly-organised by The Contemporary A Cappella Society of America (CASA).

TAS's main training studio is currently located at the Telok Ayer Performing Arts Centre.


[edit] Singing Group Programmes

In line with its mission, TAS provides free training in a cappella singing to members of its singing groups. Members are accepted regardless of their musical backgrounds, and are categorised according to their age groups. Groups are provided opportunities to perform in public as much as possible to constantly challenge its members and to allow them to gain valuable performance experience.

Group rehearsals are conducted weekly at its main training studio, with more training sessions are added when nearing the groups' performance dates.

[edit] TAS Children's Pop & Jazz Choir

The TAS Children’s Pop & Jazz Choir was set up in 2009 and is a programme where children can explore folk, pop and jazz music intrinsically through play, performance and theory. Open to singers aged 5 to 13, the choir seeks to develop in young singers a good foundation in vocal technique, performance etiquette, musical development, and artistic discipline.

[edit] TAS Youth Voices

The TAS Youth Voices was formed in 2006 and is a youth a cappella group for teenagers aged 13 to 21 which performs at over 30 shows every year. Their training incudes harmony and solo singing, stage craftmanship, group management, music composition and arrangement, emcee skills, choreography, and performance etiquette.

[edit] TAS Voices

[edit] TAS Ensemble

The TAS Ensemble was formed in 2011 and is a programme which adults 45 and above can join to rekindle their passion for music, or find their undiscovered love for singing.

[edit] TAS Events

[edit] Concerts by Foreign Teams

The A Cappella Society has also hosted the concerts of foreign a cappella groups in Singapore.

Year Team
2009 The Spizzwinks(?) (Yale)
2010 Whim 'n Rhythm (Yale)
2011 Freeplay Duo
2012 Out of the Blue (Yale)

[edit] Youth Voices Concert

The Youth Voices Concert is an annual a cappella concert which started in 2008 to showcase the performances of TAS's two singing groups, the TAS Children's Pop & Jazz Choir and TAS Youth Voices. Concerts and their programming are interactive, and other youth a cappella groups have been invited to perfom at the concert alongside the TAS groups. More information...

[edit] Vocal Mania!

E-banner for Vocal Mania 2011
E-banner for Vocal Mania 2011
Vocal Mania! is TAS' multi-concert fund-raising fiesta. Held at The Arts House at Old Parliament, Vocal Mania was conceptualized as a 12 hour, whole-day event consisting of a cappella performances by local and international acts held at the Chamber and Playden; simultaneously with vocal workshops and clinics in the Living Room, conducted by experts in the vocal music and music fields.


VOCAL EDGE is a concert jointly produced by TAS, and a cappella music experts Deke Sharon and Clement Chow. Performers are selected through auditions, and are later aseembled to form different singing groups. In preparation for the concert, groups undergo rigorous masterclasses and workshops to work on their performance repertoire with Deke and Clement.

[edit] International A Cappella Festival

The International A Cappella Festival is an annual month-long event held in Singapore in October. The festival consists of a string of a cappella concerts, all produced by TAS. Since its inception in 2009, the festival's concerts have featured performances of international and local vocal groups, and an average of 6 overseas groups are invited to perform yearly. Performing groups primarily come from Europe and East Asia. More information...

[edit] Xmas Jam

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[edit] School Outreach Programmes

TAS provides six programmes for schools which are endorsed by the National Arts Council under the National Arts Council-Arts Education Programme scheme. They include assembly performances, camps, workshops, and in-curriculum and CCA training which explore a cappella and beatbox music with students. The programmes are available to students of all school grades, and are performed/conducted by TAS's own trainers.

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