The Seekers

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The Seekers
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Promotional photo of The Seekers, 2011
Background information
Years active 2011–2013
Composition Mixed
Location Detroit, Michigan
Organization Type Semi-pro
Genre Progressive Pop/Rock

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The Seekers was a five-member vocal band based in Metro Detroit. Inspired by groups such as SONOS, Cartoon Johnny and Pentatonix, The Seekers endeavored to bring the electronically-enhanced sound characteristic to today's cutting-edge and experimental a cappella groups to a new home in the Midwest.

Rising to some notoriety through performances in the Harmony Sweepstakes and VoCALnation after joining the Contemporary A Cappella League during 2012, the group was wound down during the beginning of 2013, which each member pursuing new creative outlets.

[edit] Members

[edit] Former Members

  • Selame Scarlett
  • Jacki Heron
  • Kate Connolly

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