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Two Weeks Notice

2WN in 2010[1]
Background information
Years active 2007–2015
Composition Mixed
Location Detroit, Michigan
Organization Type Semi-pro

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Two Weeks Notice is a mixed, professional-level contemporary a cappella group based in Metro Detroit offering high-energy rock-band-style performance of popular music using only the human voice. We formed in 2007 as an inaugural chapter of the CASA Contemporary A Cappella League and feature alumni from several collegiate groups such as the University of Michigan’s Dicks & Janes, Central Michigan University's On the Rox, Eastern Michigan University’s No U-Turn, and Case Western Reserve University’s Solstice

[edit] Members

  • Bronwen Hupp (Soprano)
  • Janna Rees (Soprano)
  • Laura Quinn (Mezzo)
  • Alexa Picken (Mezzo)
  • Jen Leija (Mezzo)
  • Kathryn Bergeron (Alto)
  • Chioke Borgelt-Mose (Alto)
  • Mark Konwinski (Tenor)
  • Kevin Kuznia (Baritone)
  • Nick Mischel (Baritone)
  • Ben Henri (Bass/VP)
  • Jim Woodman (Bass)

Former Members: Jamie Altman, Olga Astapova, Jon Beebe, Kristen Berndt, Simone Bonino, Nicole Bouman, Brent Chismark, Lindsey Chismark, Betsy Everett, Jeff Everett, Dan Hartley, Brian Haverkate, Jason Mooney, Alan Neuwirth, Brian Peck, Jose Reyes, Michael Smith, Allison Taylor, Brad Town and Helen Town.

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